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      Our FAQ section provides answers to common questions about Sawyer’s Wish™, our mission, and how we bring comfort and joy to children in hospitals. Find information about our programs, donation process, and more to help you better understand our organization and how you can support our cause. Browse through our frequently asked questions to learn more about Sawyer’s Wish™ and our commitment to making a positive impact on children facing medical challenges.

      What is Sawyer's Wish™?

       Sawyer's Wish™ is a nonprofit organization that gifts fun and colorful bed sheets to children in hospitals all over the world, with the aim of positively impacting their hospital experience.

      How does Sawyer's Wish™ work?

      Sawyer's Wish™ partners with hospitals and their child life teams to identify children who could benefit from the program. Once a child is identified, they are gifted with a fun and colorful bed sheet along with a personalized message of hope and encouragement.

      How can I request bed sheets for a child in the hospital?

      Currently, Sawyer' Wish™ works with hospitals directly to identify children who could benefit from the program. Although if you have a specific request for bed sheets for a child in the hospital, we encourage you to reach out to us directly at [email protected]. While we primarily work with hospitals to identify children in need, we understand that there may be unique circumstances where a direct request could be considered. Please contact us with the details of your request, and we will do our best to work with you to bring comfort and joy to a child in the hospital. Thank you for your understanding and support.

      Can children keep the bed sheets?

      Yes! Children who receive bed sheets from Sawyer's Wish™ are encouraged to keep them as a special gift just for them. The bed sheets provide a source of comfort and familiarity during their hospital stay and beyond.

      How can I support Sawyer's. Wish™?

      There are several ways to support Sawyer's Wish™. You can make a donation on our website, spread awareness about our program on social media, or volunteer your time and skills to help further our mission.

      Can I donate bed sheets to Sawyer's Wish™?

      If you would like to support Sawyer's Wish™ by donating bed sheets, we appreciate your generosity! However, currently, we only provide bed sheets directly to children in hospitals through our partnership with hospitals and child life teams. To make a meaningful contribution, we encourage you to consider donating to our "Sheets From Sawyer Fund" where your monetary donation will go directly towards providing bed sheets to children in need, and help us continue our mission of bringing comfort and joy to children in hospitals. Thank you for your support!

      How do you ensure the privacy and safety of the children?

      Sawyer's Wish™ takes privacy and safety of the children we serve very seriously. We work closely with hospitals and their child life teams to ensure that all appropriate protocols are followed in identifying and gifting bed sheets to children in a safe and confidential manner.

      How can I stay updated with Sawyer's Wish's™ activities?

      You can stay updated with Sawyer's Wish™ by visiting our website, following us on social media, and signing up for our newsletter. We regularly share updates on our programs, events, and success stories, and we appreciate your support in spreading the word about our organization.